Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DynaWorks16 Release

I've sufficiently recovered from RTC Australia, and now planning for RTCNA as well as doing a bunch of work for RTCAsia.

In the mean time I thought I would update DynaWorks to Navisworks 2016 since our license server was updated by IT this week.

So far reasonably smooth sailings, I was planning to do some enhancements, but I am lacking the time at this moment. However the upgrade looks like it has worked fine however if you encounter issues please let me know on Github.

So one bug I found when using it on Dynamo 0.7.6 build is it would only load the FileSettings and ClashDetection menus, however when you search for the commands they would appear, so if you encounter the same issue, I found upgrading to 0.8.0 stable build resolved that for me.

You can get DynaWorks16 from the package Manager.

Upgrading Custom Nodes & Definitions

Now one issue you will run into is upgrading your definitions & custom nodes to work with DynaWorks16. Since they are built on 15 and DynaWorks at the moment is still version specific you have 2 choices.

Rebuild your nodes one by one and save them under DynaWorks16...........or

Follow me to the hacky side of the BIM and get this running really quick.
Now I in no-way guarantee anything about this hack, but it has worked for me so far and it's far easier then rebuilding my nodes.

If it doesn't work for you I'm sorry.

Hack Upgrade Definitions

Ok so find your definition files (.dyn)
Make a copy of the file.
Open in Notepad
Dynamo definition files are xml encoded so they are human readable, now most of the time they are just referring to the nodes they use and where the file is based.

Go to Edit>Replace
Then swap out DynaWorks15 for DynaWorks16 then press save and close the file.

The definition should now work correctly in your project.

Hack Upgrade Custom Nodes

You can also do the same procedure with .dyf files, however I would suggest you create a new custom node in Dynamo, then open the the updates .dyf file and copy/paste the nodes into the new one.

Again be careful with these hacks guys, and if they break just do it the old way.


cbaze said...

Is it possible to create a search set using Dyanworks? If not, can you point me to any resources that I could use to try to make this node myself? Thanks for your help.

Djikster said...

Hi. Amazing work with Dynaworks. You mention that you might look in to creating Navisworks views from with Revit, and updating the Navisworks file. Have you done anything more with this? I`m working in a project free from the tyranny of drawings. The contractor is building everything directly from NW. We would enhance our workflow a lot if we could create views directly from Revit.