Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Introduction & VEO

Well after many years of thinking about it I thought I would finally kick off my first blog.

I have decided I need a place to keep track of all my bits & pieces I solve as I work on various things and thought this would be the place to do it.

So an issue many people have with VEO when starting out is that any sort of photo realistic materials can't be modified in terms of selecting new images.

As a result the non-rendered images when we are trying to achieve things like Blockwork or CMU aren't achievable at this point in time.

Here is a way to swap out materials with ones you want.

Disclaimers: This hack won't render, nor is it shareable unless you copy the images onto someone else's cached version of VEO.

Anyway back to the hack.

In the location where your VEO_Cache folder resides(by default this in your documents) there is a folder called TextureCache.

The Cache contains any images from projects that have applied materials that you have viewed in VEO.

Each image is stamped with a long ID and stored as a jpg.
This file name is fixed in the VEO cloud or render service so you can easily put the cache on any material on any system and you will get the result.

Apply a particular style in VEO and then simply find the matching image in the texturecache folder.

All you need to do is get any image you wish and rename to the identical name of the image you are replacing.

When you open VEO and reload the project you should see the updated image on any objects assigned with that material.

The images are by default 512 pixels so simply adjust to get your scaling and tiling correct.

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Unknown said...

Nice one. But that certainly does have some notable limitations as you've pointed out.