Tuesday, January 21, 2014

VEO 1.7.0 Update

Latest update of VEO is out, and damn the models are flying, they seem to really focus on making things faster and faster as well as improving on existing features as well as adding new ones.

Some great new features like measure and a status bar type UI element for allowing quick access to items and keeping track of your sync'ing and projects.

An important thing to note, for those outside North America we can access the Track module, this basically allows people out on site to scan barcodes and it will select various models, documents, or go to views based on the requirements back in the office for communication of issues and other problems.

Now this has been disabled by default however if you contact m-six support they will activate your account with this feature, if you are allowed to use it in your region at last check North America was unable to use this function.

Kudos to the Team, and looking forward to seeing more great enhancements to old features, speed and the addition of new features!!!

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