Wednesday, June 4, 2014

RTCAUS quick review

I have returned from RTC and I am now back at work, nothing like getting off a plane and walking into a 6 hour site co-ordination meeting. :)

I just wanted to do quick recap of RTCAUS2014. For those unaware check out

This year the event was held in Melbourne, which was great to be back into a milder climate, I find each year the quality of the presentations and the knowledge of attendees simply jumps in leaps and bounds.What is even more interesting is much more of the focus is away from BIM Authoring technologies themselves, Although there are a still a great number of BIM software howto's and productivity talks and labs. The bigger focus and the more engaging presentations seem to be those based around workflow, government adoption, and most importantly collaboration.

These are still at the heart of what causes most of our friction in this day and age, and how to address these varies greatly in each companies political climate. But what is nice is to hear how others are doing this and looking at what methods, formats and systems to put in place to attempt to achieve not only the technological issues which are actually quite minor today in the Australian market with users, but how to now get information in front of managers of people, projects and collaboration at that higher level.

I did a talk on Revit API, of which I am doing a repeat at the RTCUS conference aswell. From there I have a couple of people interested in starting a group to share coding bits & pieces. This will appear in the future by the end of June on GitHub for people to download, upload point out solutions and so forth.

The idea of the GitHub will be code snippets for other users that can be copied and placed, it's mean to be very easy to read with lots of comments to allow new API users learn to tinker, break build and ultimately share bits and pieces of how to do things.

For now I'm working on some interesting Dynamo stuff, and preparing for RTCNA I hope to show something on in July maybe and see those attending in 2 weeks in Chicago.

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